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Awards 2020 - Journal of Food Science and Nutrition (2019) Volume 2, Issue 2

Award Announcement of 2nd International Conference on Probiotics, Nutrition and Functional Foods.

Chaiyavat Chaiyasut

Assistant professor, Department of Pharmacy, Chiang Mai University, Thailand, E-mail: [email protected]

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Allied Academies Awards is organized with the Intention of recognizing one’s contribution to the Probiotics field and behind the thought of encouraging for a lot of active involvement for the betterment of the nutrition field as a full. Considering the choice given by the Conference committee and the Conference Chair, the very best rating displays shall be counselled for the subsequent awards at 2nd International Conference on Probiotics, Nutrition and Functional Foods, during Chicago, USA on August 24-25, 2020.

Keynote Spearker Of The Event

The Best Keynote Speaker Award aims to recognise the best addressing of the event. It is for the participant who will cover all the aspects of the discussion topics and will give its audience a new aspect to look at though his/ her mesmerising keynote address. The award will recognise the best suited candidate who will excel in his/ her research about the cancer nursing proceedings being practised around the globe and will present in front of the audience an ideal study of the market and the segment they can look forward to have a grip on.

Best Speaker Of The Event

The Best Speaker Award is supposed for the speaker of the congress who will compel its audience to own a differential approach towards his content and field and can justify well about the scope of progressiveness and futuristic approach and how it can fulfill the never ending desire for knowledge that can make the scientific society more prepared to fight the hindrances that it is facing in moving towards utmost development.

Best Poster Of The Event

The Best Poster Award is supposed to acknowledge the wonderful poster presentation that will accomplish its goal of giving its audience most attainable information within the most simplified method and by compressing it all into a poster which makes them feel the urge of exploring the gateway of knowledge, simultaneously not disregarding the need of giving them a brief idea of everything that they want to explain in their presentation.

The Best Delegate

The best delegate award of this evening is meant for that participant who not only will give his precious time b

ut also will pay respect to all the presentations and concurrently assist to make the event get the success that it aims for while constantly praising the participants to give their best and help them to recognise their tracks that needs to be worked on and improved.

The Yrf Award

The Best Young Research Forum Award is meant to address the researcher who will show its audience what the next generation of scientists is aiming to accomplish and how much they are ready to devote in order to achieve the developments and progressions that the world needs to lead the comfortable life that every person on the planet deserves. The young researcher who, despite his/ her age and knowledge won't fail in giving its audience a shrewd plan concerning what they'll expect from the longer-term times and the verse of change where the world is leading on to.

The Exhibition Of The Event

The Best Exhibitor Award aims at recognising the participants of the event who will show the audience, the scientific advancements that they have accomplished and how they plan to serve the world in future. They should be committed to serve the world with higher product and to present the population a new standard of living that once more can facilitate the world in the never-ending cycle of progress and development.Participate at Probiotics 2020 and own your Awards.

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