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Short Communication - Journal of Food Technology and Preservation (2022) Volume 6, Issue 9

Application of nanotechnology in farming, postharvest misfortune decrease and nourishment preparing: nourishment security suggestion and challenges.

Boris Christopher*

Department for Innovation in Biological, Agro-food and Forest systems, University of Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy

*Corresponding Author:
Boris Christopher
Department for Innovation in Biological
Agro-food and Forest systems
University of Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy

Received: 08-Aug-2022, Manuscript No. AAFTP-22-71915; Editor assigned: 10-Aug-2022, PreQC No. AAFTP-22-71915(PQ); Reviewed: 23-Aug-2022, QC No. AAFTP-22-71915; Revised: 06-Sep-2022, Manuscript No. AAFTP-22-71915(R); Published: 13-Sep-2022, DOI: 10.35841/2591-796X-6.9.141

Citation: Christopher B. Application of nanotechnology in farming, postharvest misfortune decrease and nourishment preparing: nourishment security suggestion and challenges. J Food Technol Pres. 2022;6(9):141

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Nanotechnology is one of the promising innovations that might make strides rural efficiency through nano fertilizers, utilize of proficient herbicides and pesticides, soil include control, wastewater administration, and pathogen discovery. It is similarly advantageous for mechanical nourishment handling with upgraded nourishment generation with amazing advertise esteem, hoisted wholesome and detecting property, made strides security, and superior antimicrobial assurance. Nanotechnology can moreover decrease post-farming misfortunes by expanding the rack life with the help of nanoparticles. Be that as it may, encourage examination is required to fathom the security and wellbeing dangers related with the innovation.


Nanotechnology, Nano fertilizers, Antimicrobial, Nanoparticles.


Guaranteeing nourishment security in creating nations is exceedingly challenging due to moo efficiency of the farming division, corruption of characteristic assets, tall post cultivating misfortunes, less or no esteem expansion, and tall populace development. Analysts are endeavoring to receive more up to date innovations to upgrade supply to limit the nourishment request crevice. The first widespread challenge on our planet is the address of setting up nourishment security for a quickly expanding populace within the world. Forecasts appear that nourishment request is likely to rise from 59 to 98% for the world populace coming to 9 billion by 2050. In spite of an increment of the world populace especially in creating nations, the worldwide nourishment supply hindered by the use of bio-resources for generation of vitality [1], fabricating chemicals, tall post cultivating misfortune, less esteem expansion, wasteful dispersion and showcasing frameworks, and other components. Ranchers all through the world will center on utilizing unused advancements and advances for improving the generation of crops through seriously and broad farming. The current endeavors assist boosted through the utilize of nano-modified stimulants and accuracy cultivating. Rural effectiveness, soil advancement, secure water utilize, dispersion of nourishment in stores, and its quality are essential factors of securing nourishment that will be moved forward by means of propels in nanotechnology investigate [2].

Developing worldwide requests for nourishment, bioenergy, and strength items, together with the danger postured by different natural changes, show considerable challenges for agrarian generation. Rural biotechnology offers a promising road for assembly these challenges; in any case, moral and sociocultural concerns must to begin with be tended to, to ensure widespread open believe and take-up. To be viable, we ought to create arrangements that are morally capable, socially responsive, important to individuals of diverse social and social foundations, and passed on to the open in a persuading and direct way. Here, we highlight how moral approaches, principled decision-making techniques, citizen- stakeholder support, successful science communication, and bioethics instruction ought to be utilized to direct mindful utilize of rural biotechnology [3,4].

More up to date innovation that will increment the generation and diminish nourishment wastage is vital to preserve economical living guidelines of the country and move forward nourishment security. Nanotechnology can give a way for creating nourishments with extraordinary quality in highly improved workable frame at the side acceptance of supplements bioavailability. Numerous inquire about examinations are centering on expanding the application of nanotechnology for the generation of edit and nourishment preparing Increment in articles, mental property, and licenses in nano-agriculture-based nourishment with new inquire about tendencies within the handling of nourishment, nutraceutical conveyance, pressing, quality control, and serviceable nourishment could be a profoundly extending field in nanotechnology inquire about [5].


Nanotechnology could be a recently rising, but profoundly growing innovation in numerous areas related to human exercises and benefits around the world. It’s interesting wonders have been seen through a few investigate discoveries that the nanoparticles and nanostructure progress different properties due to little measure, bigger surface range, and profoundly catalytic nature. Nanotechnology is crucial in accomplishing nourishment security, particularly within the agribusiness segment.


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