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Brief Report - Journal of Mental Health and Aging (2022) Volume 6, Issue 6

The Two Continua Model of Mental Illness and Mental Health Over the Lifespan

As the typical age of commencement for many psychiatric diseases coincides with the beginning of university, university represents a high risk period for mental health issues. According to a US national study, nearly half of all university-aged students had a psychiatric condition that negatively impacted their ability to perform over the past academic year; similar proportions were, however, recorded for peers of a similar age who did not attend university. Furthermore, it was discovered that 15.6% of US university students fit the criteria for a depressive or anxiety illness. In Turkey, moderately severe depression and moderately severe anxiety were observed in 27% and 47% of students, respectively. Additionally, research suggests that mental health may deteriorate while university: it was discovered that 9% of UK students without a history of mental illness.

Author(s): Mohan sudhir

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