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Short Communication - Archives in Food and Nutrition (2020) Volume 3, Issue 3

Rising of giant purely informational T-strings in the RNA world and human mass-societies: Reaching crucial selfsimilarity in a biological eye-blink

Better understanding human behaviour and the biologically extremely recent human mass-societies without parallel among animals is urgently needed due to explosive population growth, wars, poverty, climate altering pollution and famines. Can bio-mathematical models help explaining such a revolution occurring in a biological eye-blink? Ethology, the biology of behavior, received its first Nobel prize in 1973 (accorded in Medicine or physiology) shared between N. Tinbergen, K. Lorenz and K. von Frisch. E. O. Wilson’s 1975 Socio-biology pointed to social insect societies as models for human mass-societies. But none of the studied organisms were components of any others, so Lorenz’s Nobel lecture, “Analogy as a source of knowledge”, had no mention of self-similarity/analogy. This bio-mathematical project started in the 70’s focusing on the creation of mathematical patterns, now the T-system, including T- patterns and T-patterned strings, called T-strings and detection algorithms have been gradually developed and implemented in the dedicated THEME TM software ( used for detection in humans, animals and neuronal brain networks, and finally drawing attention to similar patterning in DNA and proteins and thus deep self-similarity. A model very different from social insect societies thus appeared as mass-societies of T-patterned proteins shaped and controlled by giant purely informational T-strings (DNA) only paralleled in the recent mass-societies of humans also shaped and controlled by purely informational giant T-strings (texts), where words and practically all known patterns in proteins are highly significant T-patterns. Thus, a bio-mathematical continuum appears from molecules to human culture with two analogous T-string-based revolutions (DNAvs. text) nine orders of magnitude apart in size and years enabling the only large-brained mass-social species to cumulate in external T-strings unique understanding of itself and the world, while being suddenly and nearly everywhere enabled and controlled by T-strings. The distinction between consuming molecules vs. words and phrases thus becomes blurred.
Author(s): Magnus S Magnusson

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