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Perspective - Journal of Intensive and Critical Care Nursing (2022) Volume 5, Issue 6

Recent advancements in pediatric cardiac surgical procedures.

The paediatric cardiac surgery section is separate from the department of Cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, with its own theatre, ICU, and ward, and treats the complete range of congenital heart problems in children and adults. A high majority of appendectomy, hernia, cholecystectomy, and orchiopexy operations in children are performed by general surgeons and paediatric specialty surgeons. The most common minimally invasive method for cardiac surgery is a valve operation, which includes either a valve repair or a valve replacement. These are usually done through the side of the chest, a small incision over the breastbone, or even with robotic help. Cardiovascular surgery, often known as cardiac surgery or heart surgery, refers to any surgical treatment involving the heart or the blood arteries that transport blood to and from the heart.

Author(s): Rick N. Flacking

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