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Case Report - Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology (2021) Volume 0, Issue 0

Optic nerve mucocele (anterior clinoid mucocele) causing right vision loss: A rare case report.

Mucoceles of the optic nerve are very rare. Enlarging mucoceles of the onodi cell which is actually a superolateral extension of the posterior ethmoid cell which can extend in the anterior clinoid process can cause pressure symptoms of surrounding structures. We are reporting a case of a 26 years old female who presented with acute spontaneous progressive monocular vision loss on the right eye for the last 15 days. Her right eye had only light perception at initial presentation. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed an anterior clinoid process mucocele impinging the right optic nerve. The mucocele was successfully decompressed via a transnasal endoscopic approach and the right optic nerve was decompressed 180 degree medially from orbital apex to anterior clinoid process. Her right eye vision got back to normal after the surgical decompression of the optic nerve and marsupialization of mucocele.

Author(s): Sunil Kumar Sharma, Kairav Shah

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