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Articles in press and Articles in process

Research Article P.544-547

Prevalence of dry eye disease among Hail University staff and students.

Author(s): Talal F Alharbi, Khalid I Alrehili, Moath Z Alaodah, Mubashir Zafar, Abrar Ali, Nabeel Shalabi

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Review Article P.545-548

Unexplained visual loss in silicone oil tamponade for macula-on retinal detachments.

Author(s): Carmen Baumann, Katharina Kirchmair, Kristin Röper, Mathias Maier, Niall Patton Timothy Z. Cheong, Assad Jalil

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Research Article P.381-385

Eyecare practices and glaucoma patient care trends in the face of a global pandemic, COVID-19

Author(s): Mustafa Safi, Katayun Fethat, Jason Bacharach

DOI: 10.35841/aacovs.5.s3.381-385

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Research Article P.386-390

Conjunctival flora growth in intravitreal injection settings

Author(s): Efrat Fleissig, Jonathan D Gambrell, Mohammad A Sadiq, Charles C Barr

DOI: 10.35841/aacovs.5.s3.386-390

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Editorial P.394-394

Bioprinting for the corneal stroma

Author(s): Shamim Ahmad

DOI: 10.35841/aacovs.5.s3.394-394

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