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Short Communication - Archives in Food and Nutrition (2020) Volume 3, Issue 3

Nutrigenomic effect of milk thistle in 2 generations of the posterity of irradiated predecessors

Food is a strong agent of the formation and functioning of our body. Phenomenon of the fast substrate adaptations was found by academic Ugolev in 60-th years of 20-th cen¬tury and explains the predominant synthesis of correspond¬ing enzymes as a response on the corresponding type of the nutrients. Besides that, the components of food lead to the epigenetic changings in the generations. Therefore, ethnic types of the food very often are suitable for the locals and uncomfortable for the strangers. The small intestine is a final barrier between the environment and intrinsic medium of hu¬man organism. It is responsible in the final steps of digestion of polymer nutrients and absorption of formed monomers. Therefore, it is good object for the investigation of this pro¬cesses and results of effects of environment on them. One of those effects is effect of irradiation. It leads to the not only the problems of irradiated organism, but to the instability of genome of 7-10 generations of its posterity. In the way of prevention and correction of the results of irradiation, the special attention is paid on the phyto preparations, which have low toxicity, mild prolonged effect and wide spectrum of activity. In this range the use of milk thistle fruits are re¬searched and discussed very active. In own experiments in vivo and in vitro the effects of oral use of milled milk thistle fruits on the activity of digestive and absorptive processes in the small intestine of 2 generations from irradiated rats were detected. Nutrigenomic effects of milk thistle fruits are different for the processes of digestion of carbohydrate and protein origin dimers and absorption of corresponding monomers in 2 generations of posterity of irradiated males.

Author(s): Olha V Storchylo

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