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Short Communication - Archives in Food and Nutrition (2020) Volume 3, Issue 3

Knowledge and perception of risks and use of e-cigarettes (vaping) among adults in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia

In the last decade, electronic cigarettes have emerged and spread over the world. Different generations were developed varying in designs and features

We examined the level of awareness, knowledge and perception of electronic cigarettes and its use among adults’ residents of eastern province aging 18 and above. We also examined the reasons behind electronic cigarettes use and whether adults who were only using e-cigarette were at risk of smoking conventional tobacco. and whether it did or did not help them quit smoking

A cross-sectional survey was conducted, and data obtained through an online questionnaire targeting age group of 18 and above of eastern province residents. Questionnaire comprised questions such as demographic question including nationality, sex, age, academic degree, occupation and income. Next questions were testing knowledge and awareness regarding e-cigarette, safety of e-cigarette, e-cigarette usage and any side effects perceived after e-cigarette use. Last questions were whether vaping had led subjects to conventional cigarette use and whether. vaping had helped them to quit smoking or not

A 1080 adult in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia have participated. The prevalence of vaping among participants was 33.6% (28.3% male and 5.3% female). The highest age group of vaping was between 18-24 years accounting for 18.5%. The highest group of smokers were high school diploma carriers (18.8%). 53.8% of participants thought that E-cigs was not safer than nicotine patches or nicotine gum. 34.3% of participants thought that E-cigs were safer than regular cigarettes and tobacco products, whereas 46.6% of them thought that they are not safer. 46% of participants believed that E-cigs contained dangerous chemicals while 18.4% thought the opposite. Regarding subsequent use of traditional tobacco after E-cigs smoking, 11.6% of participants reported that they had been pushed into using traditional tobacco. 26.8% of participants reported that they quitted tobacco products after E-cigs use, whilst 16.8% reported lesser usage of tobacco products after E-cigs use. Yet 17.9% kept using traditional tobacco products in the same quantities after E-cigs use

Vaping is increasingly used among adult and a significant amount of people unaware of its risks. Even though it may help some people to quit traditional smoking its risks has been established and awareness should be raised.

Author(s): Dunya Nasrallah Alfaraj

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