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Case Report - Archives in Food and Nutrition (2021) Volume 4, Issue 1

Interaction of warfarin with pomegranate juice in a patient with double valve replacement surgery: A case report

Warfarin is frequently used in the prophylaxis and treatment of various thromboembolic complications. However, its wide range of drug and food interactions, and narrow therapeutic index contributes to difficulty in its management. Therefore, it is important to highlight the relevance and significance of its interactions in the clinical settings. Interaction of warfarin with drugs are famous, however, little evidences are available for its interaction with food-items. We report a case of 51-year-old male operated for double valve replacement surgery, who was discharged with a 7-day follow-up with 5mg stable warfarin therapy and reported with significant increase in INR level after consumption of 480ml/day of pomegranate juice within 4 days of discharge. While this possible interaction needs to be further explored, clinicians should be aware of the relationship and properly interview their patients who are receiving warfarin and observe them closely.

Author(s): Anam Liaqat

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