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Short Communication - Archives in Food and Nutrition (2021) Volume 4, Issue 2

Healthy Food and Hygienics for an Opulent Future

A poster is a visual representation of your research that you may show to an audience. The Allied Academies conference provides a one-of-a-kind creative opportunity to do so.

Benefits of poster presentations:
• Poster presentations provide a unique chance to mix visual an d oral descriptions of your efforts.
• Top Poster Award: At the conference’s closing event, three best awards will be presented.
• CROSSREF will publish the accepted abstract in reputable and supported international publications with a unique DOI number.
• The best posters will be offered the chance to publish their who le work in one of the supporting international journals.
The winner will be chosen based on:
• The following criteria will be used to judge posters; those are presenting style (5), research quality (5), and layout/design (5).
• Presentation clarity of poster and oral explanation will be used to choose the winner.
• The overall answer to the questions, as well as the thoroughnes s of the work, is judged by the poster .
Guidelines for Posters:
• The poster should be 40” x 59” (1X1.5 Sq.Mts) in size.
• Organize your content proportionally by dividing your poster into three or four pieces (vertically or horizontally) and placing your
content within those parts.
• Make use of huge text.
• Colors should be chosen with care, and contrast should be considered.
• Cropping, Margins, and Spacing: Make sure all of the edges and mar gins are straight and even.
• White Space: There is no writing or graphics on them.
Author(s): H Paramesh

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