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Short Communication - Archives in Food and Nutrition (2020) Volume 3, Issue 3

Healthcare and leadership quality

 Intersectionality of Healthcare Leadership and Quality.” This session will focus on the interconnected nature of quality and leadership as they apply in healthcare. Although for many, quality and leadership have been viewed and discussed as independent principles, they are, in fact, overlapping and interdependent systems that directly impact the provision of care. Healthcare leaders must prioritize improving the patient experience by placing specific emphasis on workplace culture to increase employee morale and patient satisfaction which will inevitably result in improved patient health outcomes. Patients who are pleased with their providers, are normally more compliant with treatment plans, medication regimen and provider orders. Specifically, this presentation will address four major components: The essential skills needed for an effective healthcare leader; The relationship between leadership, workplace culture, and the patient experience; Improving the provision of quality care through change leadership; and How to identify and overcome obstacles that arise on the journey to achieving quality in healthcare leadership. This presentation will utilize both qualitative and quantitative data to illustrate that the provision of quality care rests on the ability of health care leaders to transform workplace culture, focus on the patient experience by utilizing non-traditional forms of healthcare leadership.

Author(s): Nichelle A Mullins

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