Journal of Food Technology and Preservation

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Editorial - Journal of Food Technology and Preservation (2021) Volume 5, Issue 7


Food technology is that the method of food science to choice, preservation, processing, packaging, distribution, and use of safe food. Here are units wide opportunities during this field for college students United Nations agency want to pursue a course in food technology. Early research into food technology focused on food preservation. Food Technology may be a science branch that deals with the techniques concerned in production, processing, preservation, packaging, labeling, quality management, and distribution of food product. Therefore is that the food science degree laborious. It isn't as hard as a chemistry degree however it's more durable than associate in Nursing English degree in terms of what quantity science you would like to grasp. You’ve got to possess therefore me science and logical talent so if you probably did not stand out during this in high school, then it'd not be for you. Create foods have an extended expiration amount. Food Technology usually, let's say, create food material A, processed to become food material B, that later can have longer expiration amount.

Author(s): Arman Rose

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