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Short Communication - Archives in Food and Nutrition (2022) Volume 5, Issue 3

Food derived bioactive peptides in human health-micro algae spirulina platensis being utilized as a protein source.

Microalgae are tiny, photosynthetic eukaryotic life forms that are viewed as a decent wellspring of proteins and different supplements. These microorganisms furthermore produce an expansive scope of bioactive mixtures and are expected wellsprings of hostile to microbial, hostile to carcinogenic, mitigating as well as immune modulatory particles and may likewise have other wellbeing advancing impacts. In addition, there is a rising solicitation for microalgae to be utilized as nutraceuticals and food supplements. In this survey, we investigate bioactive peptides from microalgae with an emphasis on enemy of malignant growth and immune modulatory exercises. Spirulina is a nature’s present high-quality meals to mankind.

Author(s): Sarni Chee

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