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Short Communication - Journal of Intensive and Critical Care Nursing (2022) Volume 5, Issue 3

Echocardiogram stabilization method designed to compensate for unwanted auxilliary motion particularly in ICU patients.

Cardiac echocardiography is a non-invasive examination that gives vital cardiac function data to the clinical team. This functional data is required to care for patients with a wide range of pathologies and is utilised to diagnose a variety of disorders. This exercise examines echocardiography technique features such as pertinent anatomy, clinical reasons, and potential limits, as well as the role of an interprofessional team in caring for patients who require this important diagnostic test. Echocardiography stabilisation method intended to compensate for undesired auxiliary motion. Due to a variety of reasons, echocardiograms contain both deformable and nearly stiff heart motion. This approach aims to stabilise the video while maintaining the informative deformable heart motion. Our method includes synchronised side information from Electrocardiography (ECG), which serves as a surrogate for cardiac phase. To eliminate the computational cost of pairwise alignment, we present an efficient key frame selection technique expressed as a submodular optimization problem. We quantify our method on synthetic data and show that it is useful as a pre-processing step for two popular echocardiography applications: denoising and left ventricle segmentation. Pre-processing with our method enhanced performance in both situations when compared to no pre-processing or other alignment approaches.

Author(s): Abraham Rodin Y

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