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Short Communication - Archives in Food and Nutrition (2020) Volume 3, Issue 5

Dieters need fortified foods to help meet nutritional needs

 The burden of overweight and obesity is increasing globally and energy reduction by manufacturer and through personal choice is widely encouraged. However, one in five adults across Europe have pre-existing low intakes of vitamin D, folic acid, vitamin C, calcium, selenium, and iodine. Zinc inadequacy is also common. A review of evidence published since 1990 has shown that conscious energy restriction results in a concomitant reduction in micronutrient intake, even when macronutrient balance is improved. Fortification can reduce risk of sub-optimal micronutrient intakes at a population level, and also improve individual status for selected micronutrients (e.g. folate, vitamin D and riboflavin) in both children and adults. Commonly consumed fortified foods include breakfast cereals, milks, breads, fat spreads, cereal bars and juices. Voluntary fortification of foods by manufactures appears to be an effective strategy to increase micronutrient intakes and reduce inadequacy - without increasing calorie intake. Food manufacturers in Europe are currently fortifying with a range of micronutrients such as B-group vitamins, D, C, iron and more recently zinc. Fortification of the foods routinely consumed by large numbers of the European population has been shown to effectively deliver micronutrients specifically to meet the needs of consumers consciously restricting their energy intake. Awareness of the need to actively choose fortified foods to avoid micronutrient deficiency while watching weight needs to be raised in order to avoid unintended health consequences arising from energy restriction.

Author(s): Angie Jefferson

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