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Mini Review - Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology (2021) Volume 0, Issue 0

Combating anti-glaucoma medication compliance issues among literate urban Indian population-Has this fallen in our blind spot?

Anti-Glaucoma Medications (AGM) become an integral part of every person’s life, from the day; he or she is diagnosed with glaucoma. It is well documented that non-compliance towards glaucoma eye drop medications could result in unnecessary changes to medications or listing for more invasive procedures, increasing risk to the patient and costs to the health-care establishment. Also, glaucoma patients having lower compliance rates are at a higher risk of developing irreversible vision loss due to glaucoma, than patients with strict compliance. So far, there are many studies published, focusing on AGM compliance behavior among illiterate and rural glaucoma patients in India. Hence in this manuscript, we have presented the review of literature on compliance behavior, among literate glaucoma patients from an urban background; and proposed various novel and innovative, cost-effective strategies with augmented reality, real-time moving images, and eye drops reminding mobile applications to strengthen the literate glaucoma patient’s understanding of their disease process and give them a timely reminder about AGM usage.

Author(s): Prasanna Venkatesh Ramesh, Aji K, Prajnya Ray, Shruthy Vaishali Ramesh, Meena Kumari Ramesh, Ramesh Rajasekaran, Sathyan Parthasarathi

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