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Short Communication - Archives in Food and Nutrition (2020) Volume 3, Issue 4

Anti-aging treatment in reproductive medicine: Modification of lifestyle and trial of supplemental diet

 With delayed childbearing being the current norm in Japan and many other countries, where the average age of having the first child has increased to 31 years of age in Japan, sub-fertility in aging women is rapidly emerging as a common presentation. Because it is difficult to change the delayed childbearing in modern society, this situation becomes one of the biggest social problems. Infertility in aging women is characterized by the ovarian dysfunction which caused by decreases in residual follicles in ovaries with simultaneous decline of oocyte quality, leading to serious difficulties in infertility treatment. In addition to medical treatment, most of patients are seeking for self-treatments for their infertility. Those patients are sometimes receiving a self-treatment without solid scientific evidences based on internet search, and then resulting in health troubles and fraud damage. In this lecture, I will present several potentials of self-treatments for infertile aging women focusing in improvement of lifestyle as well as taking supplemental diets.

Author(s): Naoki Okamoto

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