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Mini Review - Archives in Food and Nutrition (2022) Volume 5, Issue 4

Adolescence dietary emphasises to effective healthy lifestyle.

The food component of new moves, a school-based obesity prevention programme for teenage females, is described in this research. New Moves is a multi-component intervention that combines nutrition, social support, and physical activity sessions in an all-girls high school physical education class. Individual therapy sessions employing motivational interviewing techniques, follow-up group lunch meetings, and parent outreach initiatives are all part of New Moves. The nutrition component emphasises avoiding dieting and unhealthy weight-control behaviours in favour of adopting lifelong healthy eating habits such as increasing fruit and vegetable intake, decreasing sweetened beverage intake, eating breakfast daily, and paying attention to internal hunger and satiety signals. The high prevalence of obesity among adolescents is of public health concern given its physical and psycho social consequences. While many factors contribute to the onset and maintenance of obesity, dietary behaviours play a major role. Dietary patterns that may increase risk for excessive weight gain in youth include large portion sizes low fruit and vegetable intake, high consumption of sweetened beverages. Frequent consumption of fast foods and skipping breakfast. Furthermore, dieting behaviours commonly used by adolescents may actually be contributing to excess weight gain. Frequent dieting and the use of unhealthy weight control behaviours such as diet pill use, self-induced vomiting, use of food substitutes, skipping meals for the purpose of weight loss, and fasting have been shown to be predict weight gain and overweight status over time.

Author(s): Aslı Akdeniz Kudubes

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