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Review Article - Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology (2021) Volume 5, Issue 1

A review of current low vision services in Alberta

Purpose: To provide a thorough review of the current low vision services in the province of Alberta Canada and offer evidence-based suggestions on ways these services can be improved. It is hoped that such an overview will facilitate discussions that will ultimately result in more equitable and comprehensive services, not only within the province of Alberta, but nationally and international as well.

Methods: Information gathered for this article was obtained from organizations such as Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada, health care professionals providing low vision services within Alberta, the Sight Enhancement Clinic in Calgary and Alberta Education. Suggestions for improving low vision services are based on a proposed tiered model for integrated low vision services in Canada.

Results: Several ways in which in which low vision services can be improved were identified within the province. These include improvement of referral practices to low vision services, unifying voices to advocate for funding, simplifying access to provincially funded subsidization for low vision devices and increasing multidisciplinary efforts between health care professionals.

Conclusions: While Alberta already provides high quality low vision services through the tireless efforts of many individuals and organizations, on-going work is needed to improve accessibility, eliminate barriers and to ensure equity of low vision care within the province.

Author(s): Andrew Swift, Yejun Hong, Colleen Schreiber, Micah Luong, Samuel N Markowitz

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