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Short Communication - Archives in Food and Nutrition (2021) Volume 4, Issue 1

A Global Review and Forecast on Food Science and Technology

AAC has successfully hosted 10th International Conference on Food Science and Technology on February 4-5, 2021 as a Webinar based on the theme “A Global Review and Forecast on Food Science and Technology”.

We are obliged to the various delegates from companies and institutes who actively took part in the discussions. We thank everyone the organizing committee members and editorial board of Food technology 2021 for their gracious presence and continuous support throughout the proceeding of the conference.
Food Technology 2021 was marked with multiple sessions, keynote presentations and panel discussions. We received copious involvement and response from young and brilliant researchers, business delegates and talented communities who made this Conference as one of the most successful and productive events in 2020 from AAC.
Food Technology 2021 started with the welcome and opening remarks of the conference host and the proceedings also went through interactive sessions and panel discussions.
The meeting was carried out through different sessions, in which the discussions were held on the following major scientific topics:
• Food Technology
• Food biotechnology
• Food Adulteration
• Nutrition and Functional food
• Food Chemistry
• Food Toxicology
• Food Nanotechnology
• Balanced Diet
• Food Processing and Packaging Technology
• Nutrition and Public Health
• Quality Management
• Application of Food Technology
• Advancement in Food technology
• Global Food Security
• Case Reports on Food Technology
The conference carried out by various scientific-sessions and plenary lectures in which the following Speakers were highlighted as
Keynote speakers:
• Gerald C Hsu | eclaireMD Foundation | USA
• Nichelle A Mullins | Charter Oak Health Center | USA
• Marilyn Parkin | International College of Medical Intuition | Canada
• Geert van den Brink | HAN University of Applied Sciences | The Netherlands
• Solange Ghernaouti | University of Lausanne | Switzerland
• Jintang Wang | Beijing Geriatric Hospital | China
• Cheryl Wang | Fuzhou University | China
• John Ebnezar | Consultant Orthopedic & Spine Surgeon | India
• Schalow G | Tartu University | Estonia
Author(s): Rupar Iyar

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