Journal of Food Microbiology

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2017: Volume 1, Issue 1

Review Article

Functional nucleic acids biosensors for living or dead bacteria detection

Author(s): Yuan Zhang, Bing Xiao and Wentao Xu

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Review Article

The spoilage microorganisms in seafood with the existed quorum sensing phenomenon

Author(s): Feifei Wang, Linglin Fu, Xingyue Bao and Yanbo Wang*

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Research Article

A potential killer yeast to control secondary fermentation in vegetables

Author(s): Claude P Champagne, Tony Savard1, Carole Beaulieu

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Regulation effects of resistant starch on gut microbiota.

Author(s): Tao Li, Lei Chen


Research Article

Tuberculosis in wild boar and the risk of human infection by Mycobacterium bovis results of a study conducted in Southern Italy

Author(s): Francesco Casalinuovo, Lucia Ciambrone, Raffaele Grillone, Natalino De Gori