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2015: Applications of Rapid Prototyping Techniques in Bio-Materials ARTBM2015

  • Construction of human knee bone joint model using FDM based 3D Printer from CT scan images.
    Marlon Jones Louis, R. Malayalamurthi

  • Advances in Dental-PMMA based artificial teeth through Rapid Prototyping technology.
    Dinesh Kumar S, Anandan R, Ekanthamoorthy J

  • Studies on Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Solvent Stability analysis of Collagen Mimetic Peptide GFO with Cyclodextrin ? An Insilico analysis for Tissue Engineering.
    Lavanya Gunamalai, Chellam Jaynthy

  • Influence of Hydroxyapatite coated Additive Manufactured polyamide substrate on Biocompatibility.
    Hariharan K, Arumaikkannu G

  • Replacement of Intervertebral disc in Spine by Poly (ethylene glycol) - diacrylate (PEGDA) material through Stereolithography.
    Jaiganesh V, Dhileep Kumar J, Girija Devi J

  • Design Analysis of Circular External Tiba Fixator to Reduce the Stress on Bone.
    Praveen R, V JaiGanesh

  • Finite Element Analysis in Additive Manufactured Customised Bone Scaffold.
    Rashia Begum S, Arumaikkannu G

  • Evaluation of Surface Roughness in Additive Manufactured customised implant using Artificial Neural Network based on 2D Fourier transform.
    Swarna Lakshmi K, Arumaikkannu G

  • Conceptual Design and Fabrication of Porous Structured Scaffold for Tissue Engineering Applications.
    T Kumaresan, R Gandhinathan, M Ramu, M Ananthasubramanian

  • Structural And Mechanical Behaviour Of P(Hema) Hydrogel For Lumbar Disc Prosthesis.
    V Nirmal Kannan, G Sankara Narayanan

  • In silico approach of antibacterial compounds from mangrove - Avicennia marina through docking analysis.
    Sheela Devi A, Joseph J, Johanna Rajkumar

  • Study of Development and Applications of Bioactive Materials and Methods In Bone Tissue Engineering.
    Dinesh Kumar S, Ekanthamoorthy J, Senthil Kumar K

  • Rapid Prototyping of Polymethyl Methacrylate as Replacement and Support of Spine in Human.
    Jaiganesh V, Manivannan S, Maruthu B