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Pulmonary Aspiration

Pulmonary aspiration is the access of material such as pharyngeal secretions, food or drink, or stomach substances from the oropharynx or gastrointestinal tract, into the larynx (voice box) and lower respiratory tract, the servings of the respiratory system from the trachea (windpipe) to the lungs. A individual may inhale the material, or it may be carried into the tracheobronchial tree during constructive pressure ventilation. When pulmonary aspiration happens during eating and drinking, the aspirated substantial is often colloquially referred to as "going down the wrong pipe." Consequences of pulmonary aspiration series from no injury at all, to chemical pneumonitis or pneumonia, to demise within minutes from asphyxiation. These significances depend on the volume, chemical composition, subdivision size, and presence of infectious agents in the aspirated material, and on the fundamental health status of the individual.

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