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Mechanical Ventilation

The Roman doctor Galen initially utilized mechanical breathing in the secondary century by blowing air into the larynx of a dead animal utilizing a reed. Author George Poe utilized a mechanical respirator to resuscitate an asphyxiated dog. The Drinker and Shaw tank-type ventilator of 1929 was one of the principal negative-pressure machines broadly utilized for mechanical ventilation. Also called the iron lung, this metal chamber totally immersed the patient up to the neck. A vacuum siphon made negative pressure in the chamber, which brought about the extension of the patient's chest. This change in chest geometry diminished the intrapulmonary pressure and permitted surrounding air to stream into the patient's lungs. At the point when the vacuum was ended, the negative pressure applied to the chest dropped to zero, and the flexible force of the chest and lungs allowed aloof exhalation (see picture beneath).

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