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Life Care

A Life Care Center facility in Kirkland, Washington was the source of a serious outbreak of COVID-19 first reported on February 19, 2020, which became the primary outbreak during a us home .On February 19 there have been 120 residents and 180 Center employees at the power . By March 18, 101 of the residents had been diagnosed with COVID-19, and thirty-four residents had died, for a case deathrate of 33.7%. On 2 April 2020 Life Care Center was fined $611,000 for deficiencies in its response to the outbreak, and has until 16 September 2020 to correct the deficiencies, alternatively face termination of its participation within the Medicare/Medicaid program.

On February 19, 2020 the primary resident was transferred to an area hospital; this resident would test positive for COVID-19. Two residents died on the 26th who would be later confirmed to possess had the virus,with the primary death being reported on the 29th.



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