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Joint Event on International Conference on SURGERY AND ANESTHESIA & 3rd International Conference on GASTROENTEROLOGY
November 12 -13 , 2018 | Rome , Italy

Sabreen Al Zamil

Sabreen Al Zamil clinic, Kuwait

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : Case Rep Surg Invasive Proced


Surgical treatment of grade III gynecomastia requires more scarring than grade I& II. Reduction mammoplasty in males has been recently more encountered since the introduction and the uprising of bariatric surgery. Yet it is more challenging than in the female breast as it requires certain modification to reach a modest male breast shape. Since the year 2010 up till now we adopted and modified a technique that eliminates the vertical scar and carries the NAC on a wide pedicle simulating a Pec.Major contour, as much as possible then delivered through a hole in the superior skin flap. A series of cases performed since 2010 by myself and adopted by some colleagues in the department afterwards (around 32%) of the total no. of cases; two incidences of NAC mal positioning however did not affect the patient satisfaction The future is to combine it with high definition lipo sculpture in selected thin built patients.


Sabreen Al Zamil is the first Kuwaiti female plastic surgeon. She is the head of plastic surgery unit at Al-Babtain Centre. Owner & director of sabreen clinic board member and co-founder of the Kuwait society of plastic surgeons. Former tutor at faculty of medicine/Kuwait university local & international guest speaker in plastic surgery and cosmetology congresses. Public educator in various campaigns mainly breast reconstruction, burns and filler complications, 23 years’ experience in plastic surgery including training time periods in Canada & Italy.


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