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Immune Regulation is a clinical stage biotech organization, spearheading new advancements for resetting the invulnerable framework, creating novel, first-in-class treatments for fiery and immunological ailments.

Existing treatments are intended to smother the safe framework and require interminable dosing to treat the irritation, every now and again causing serious reactions. Our first-in-class sedate resistant resetting treatments have shown one of a kind viability and security in preclinical and human examinations without smothering the invulnerable framework. These treatments show a short pharmacokinetic action yet reset the invulnerable framework from a professional provocative to an administrative state to prompt long haul infection reduction in patients with unfavourably susceptible and safe intervened ailments, without the negative impacts of interminable current therapies. The insusceptible framework requires a homeostatic balance among the components that guarantee self‐tolerance, those that control the ability to mount life‐long insusceptibility to pathogenic microorganisms and those that lessen effector systems from actuating safe pathology

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