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Health Literacy

Health literacy has been defined as ‘the degree to which individuals have the ability to get, process, and comprehend fundamental wellbeing data and administrations expected to make proper wellbeing decisions.'1 The American Medical Association (AMA) characterizes it as 'a star grouping of aptitudes including essential perusing and numerical errands required to work in the social insurance environment.'2 These definitions are deliberately worded to verbalize that wellbeing proficiency is something beyond the capacity to peruse. As our human services framework gets progressively perplexing and as a bigger portion of duty regarding self-administration is moving into patients' hands, the capacity to comprehend and process complex data is getting progressively significant. 'Like a driver attempting to arrive at a goal, a patient must figure out how to explore their approach to health.'3 A patient must have the option to get to arrangements on time by perusing arrangement slips and finding the route to a facility.

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