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Anti-Cancer preparation NSC-631570 (UKRAIN) and its efficacy in Cancer treatment

14th International Conference on Cancer and Cancer Therapy
December 05-06, 2019 | Dubai, UAE

Wassil Nowicky

Nowicky Pharma/ Ukrainian Anti-Cancer Institute, Austria

Keynote : J Med Oncl Ther


NSC-631570 is the very first proton anticancer preparation and due to this after administration it accumulates in tumors very fast that can be seen under the UV-light thanks to its the autofluores- cence. Besides this preparation can regenerate the immune system and works as a immunomodulating agent. The selective effect of the NSC 631570 has been confirmed by 120 universities and research centers in the world. Until now this preparation has been tested on over 100 cancer cell lines and on 12 normal cell lines. The researchers who conducted studies with the anti-cancer preparation NSC-631570 concluded:“The anticancer drug NSC-631570 exerts its cytotoxic effects on both mouse and human breast cancer cell lines in a dose and time dependent manner. Weeks following NSC-631570 treatment, cells maintained a reduced capacity to proliferate.”

In a controlled clinical study conducted at the University Grodno (Grodno, Belarus), after the therapy with NSC-631570 the hardening of the tumor, a slight increase in the tumor size (5-10%) and proliferation of connective tissues were observed. The tumours appeared harder and slightly enlarged after NSC- 631570 therapy and were easier to detect by ultrasound or radiological examination. Metastatic lymph nodes were also hardened and sclerotic (fibrous). Tumours and metastatic lymph nodes were clearly demarcated from healthy tissue and therefore easier to remove. Complications such as prolonged lymphorrhoea (leakage of lymph onto the skin surface), skin necrosis (death of skin tissue), suppuration of the wound and pneumonia, all occurred in patients from the two NSC-631570 groups at only half the rate that they appeared in patients from the control group. Based on the results of this study the scientists from Grodno recom- mended the use of NSC- 631570, at the higher dosage in all breast cancer operations. Other parameters were also evaluated, e.g. hormones (T3, T4, cortisol, progesterone, estradiol, prolactin), immune values (lymphocytes, immune globulins, complement, phagocytic activity, morphologic and cytochemical changes), amino acids and their derivates in plasma and in the tumor tissue.

The effect of the NSC-631570 on the various parameters in breast cancer patients have been studied. Best results were achieved with higher dosage of NSC-631570. Almost every patient noted the improvement of the general well-being, sleep and appetite. During the surgery, the tumors as well as involved lymph nodes were presented sclerotic and well demarcated from the surrounding tissue. This alleviated the surgical removal of the tumor considerably. In the tumor tissue, increased concentration of the amino acid proline was revealed indicating augmented production of connective tissue that demarcates the tumor from surrounding tissue. NSC- 631570 improved also the amino acid balance of patients.


Wassil Nowicky Dipl. Ing., Dr. techn., DDDr. h. c., Director of “Nowicky Pharma” and President of the Ukrainian Anti-Cancer Institute (Vienna, Austria). Inventor of the anti-cancer preparation on the basis of celandine alkaloids “NSC-631570”. He is an author of over 300 scientific articles dedicated to cancer research. Wassil Nowicky is a real member of the New York Academy of Sciences, member of the European Union for applied immunology and of the American Association for scientific progress, honorary doctor of the Janka Kupala University in Hrodno, doctor “honoris causa” of the Open international university on complex medicine in Colombo, honorary member of the Austrian Society of a name of Albert Schweizer. He has received the award for merits of National guild of pharmacists of America. the award of Austrian Society of sanitary, hygiene and public health services and others.

E-mail: [email protected]

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