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Globus is mostly experienced with an intense emotional experience. The not unusual human reaction is "globus response". Globus is equally discovered in men and women. Most of the human beings are likely to revel in globus in a few or the opposite time of their lives. However, no major consequences were reported. Despite anecdotal reports and observations, globus is not associated with other gastrointestinal disorders which include irritable bowel syndrome or heartburn. Reported institutions with headache or different situations in all likelihood result from referral bias this is, observations of patients despatched to specialists. Globus, like tears, may express an emotion. Its apparent relationship to emotion means some humans could be unnecessarily troubled through the symptom. Those with anxiety, depression, panic or other emotional misery may gain from treatment or advice regarding these other situations. Globus is one of the practical gastrointestinal diseases. There are many journals related to globus. The magazine is subjecting all the acquired manuscripts to a strict peer review method.

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