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Financial Management

Money related Management implies arranging, sorting out, coordinating and controlling the monetary exercises, for example, acquisition and use of assets of the undertaking. It implies applying general administration standards to budgetary assets of the undertaking.


1.       Investment choices remembers venture for fixed resources (called as capital planning). Interest in current resources are likewise a piece of speculation choices called as working capital choices.


2.       Financial choices - They identify with the raising of money from different assets which will rely upon choice upon kind of source, time of financing, cost of financing and the profits along these lines.


3.       Dividend choice - The money supervisor needs to take choice concerning the net benefit conveyance. Net benefits are commonly partitioned into two:


a.       Dividend for investors Dividend and its pace must be chosen.


b.       Retained benefits Amount of held benefits must be finished which will rely on extension and expansion plans of the undertaking.

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