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Articles in Press

2018: Volume 2, Issue 4

Opinion Article P.21-21

Can the Japanese economic jubilee work in America?

Author(s): Mary M. Dickens Johnson


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Research Article P.22-25

Evaluation of financial soundness of selected commercial banks in Nigeria: An application of Bankometer S-score model.

Author(s): Onyema JI, Okey N, Precious O*, Amadi SN


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2018: Volume 3, Issue 1

Research Article P.1-8

Financial soundness of deposit money banks in Nigeria: The camels model approach.

Author(s): Okey N, Precious O, Onyema JI

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Research Article P.9-14

Effect of financial leverage on profit growth of quoted non-financial firms in Nigeria.

Author(s): Kenn Ndubuisi, Juliet I, Onyema JI

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Research Paper P.15-19

Effects of microfinance banks and economic growth in Nigeria.

Author(s): Wachukwu IP, Onyema JI, Amadi SN

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Research Article P.20-26

Does it influence? Macro variables on stock returns.

Author(s): Jamal S, Mujtaba M

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Research Article P.27-35

Impact of high performance work system on financial performance of banking sector in Pakistan.

Author(s): Naseer S, Karim A, Naseer H, Aslam Z

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2019: Volume 3, Issue 2

Opinion Article P.16-18

Currency crises in Turkey: Why is it happening and what is next?

Author(s): Meltem Ä°nce Yenilmez

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Mini Review P.19-27

Jordanian infrastructure sub-index returns and optimal portfolio selection

Author(s): Omar Gharaibeh