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Review Article - Journal of Finance and Marketing (2023) Volume 7, Issue 5

The effect of commercial bank financing on agricultural output in Nigeria.

This study examined the influence of agricultural financing by deposit money bank and government on agricultural output in Nigeria. The time series data used spanning between 1983 up to 2022 culled from central bank of Nigeria statistical bulletin. The study employed simple ordinary least square analysis. Both pre-test and post-test analyses conducted revealed suitable results. The study found out that banks and government’s financing activities of agriculture have positive influence on the agricultural output within the period of investigation. It is imperative for the government to make agriculture attractive to young and vibrant men who have what it takes to sustain the nation, reduce acute shortage of food production and thereby making enough food available for local consumption and for exportation and hence garner foreign currencies from agricultural products. Also, the government should remove the bottlenecks farmers face while trying to secure banks’ loans for their operations.

Author(s): Akinuli Bankole Olu*, Osagiede Manson

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