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Environmental Management

Environmental Management are often defined as “the management of the interaction and impact of human activities on the natural environment”.

Environmental management further aims to make sure that ecosystem services and biodiversity are protected and maintained for equitable use by future human generations, and also, maintain ecosystem integrity as an end in itself by taking into consideration ethical, economic, and scientific (ecological) variables. Environmental management tries to spot the factors that have a stake within the conflicts which will rise between meeting the requirements but protecting the environment.

 Identification: Via complaints/concerns from the community we identify a certain environmental problem

Evaluation: Inspections with relevant Government Departments (Provincial and National) we determine the extent of the problem

Control: The problem is brought to the attention of the transgressor/polluter and the person/company who is informed to stop the illegal activity and address the problem or concerns which include the rehabilitation of the area(s).

Environmental Management is part of sustainable development principle as outlined in NEMA and Integrated Development Plans (IDP’s) of municipalities.

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