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Young Research Forum - Materials Science and Nanotechnology (2019) Volume 3, Issue 2

Young Research Forum-Young Scientist Award on Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology

Ioannis (Yiannis) Karapanagiotis

Associate Professor, University Ecclesiastical Academy of Thessaloniki, Greece, Email:

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If you are an young and dynamic researcher, the Advanced Materials 2020 Conference going to happen from November 13-14, 2020 at London, UK, will offers you a platform to exhibit your abilities to communicate your research endeavors’ in the field of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology. It has been particularly designed to provide you with the chance to present your work in a supportive, friendly forum and to receive feedback from peers.

Young Researcher Sessions are organized at Advanced Materials 2020 to deliver a unique platform to PhD students, Post-doctoral research fellows, Young Researchers, Investigators (below the age of 33 years), for unveiling their advanced research ideas, projects and the excitement that goes with them. Their projects and findings push the boundaries of scientific and engineering research with enormous benefits and new-fangled directions to progress potential research in the field of materials, Nanotechnology, Smart Materials, Metamaterials, Nanomaterial’s, Nanomedicine, Nanofabrication and so on. Furthermore the forum stimulates interaction between young researchers, experienced researchers from academia and industry.

Advanced Materials 2020 Young Researcher Award is given to individuals in recognition of outstanding performance in terms of scientific publications or presentations in the field of advanced materials and nanotechnology during the early stage of their scientific career. The main intent of this award is to recognize people early on in their career who have already made a noteworthy contribution and are likely to make more.

The award winning papers will be considered for publication in the Allied Academies Publishing Group journals after the standard review procedures.

Researchers applying for the award should send a letter of recommendation from a senior faculty member or their research advisor along with their resume to along with the submission of their abstract at

Benefits of Advanced Materials 2020 Young Researchers' Forum:

• Exhibit research projects through oral presentations or poster presentations.

• Acquaintance to advanced research tools and technologies in the arena for specific research.

• Acquiring timely and pertinent information to progress research and benefit from support.

• Establishing and networking collaboration among young researchers and diverse institutions, industries, laboratories, research centers.

• Increased opportunity for mutual interaction with other young investigators and senior investigators across the globe.

• Possibility for young researchers to learn about other leading edge research areas.

• Opportunity to exchange ideas with both mentors and peer groups.

London Advanced Materials Conference is excited to invite all the young professionals to take center stage at our international scientific event. When you’re through exercising your intelligence at our ground breaking Advanced Materials Conference, you can take some time to enjoy the vibrant beauty of London.

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