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Articular Cartilage

Articular cartilage are often damaged by injury or normal wear and tear. Because cartilage doesn't heal itself well, doctors have developed surgical techniques to stimulate the expansion of latest cartilage. Restoring articular cartilage can relieve pain and permit better function. most significantly , it can delay or prevent the onset of arthritis.

Surgical techniques to repair damaged cartilage are still evolving. it's hoped that as more is learned about cartilage and therefore the healing response, surgeons are going to be better ready to restore an injured joint.

The main component of the joint surface may be a special tissue called cartilage .When it's damaged, the joint surface may not be smooth. Moving bones along a troublesome , damaged joint surface is difficult and causes pain. Damaged cartilage also can cause arthritis within the joint.

The goal of cartilage restoration procedures is to stimulate new cartilage growth.


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