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Adolescents are young persons in the age group of 10 and 19 years, are regularly considered of as a healthful organization. Nevertheless, many children do skip away prematurely because of accidents, suicide, aggression, being pregnant associated problems and other illnesses which can be either preventable or treatable. In addition, numerous extreme infections in adulthood have their roots in adolescence. For example, tobacco use, sexually transmitted infections including HIV, poor consuming and way of life habits, main to infection or untimely death in the end in future. The word â Adolescents is drawn from the Latin Adolescents that mean to augment or to mature. It is taken into consideration as a time span of transition from early life to adulthood. They are no longer youngsters yet, now not adults. It is outstanding by using fast physical development, sizable bodily, emotional, psychological and religious changes. Adolescents constitute 22.8% of population of India as on 1st march 2000. They are not handiest in big figures however the residents and employees of tomorrow are. The problems of children are multi- dimensional in environment and require holistic approach.

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