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Safe prescription and administration of medication in hospital

Joint Event on 2nd European Nursing Congress & International Conference on Clinical Nursing & Practice
October 24-25, 2019 | Zurich, Switzerland

Eva Cela

Rīga Stradins University, Latvia

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Healthcare is counted as the most insecure high-risk sectors. Adverse events or incidents also include errors that occur during the administration of medicines. For safe prescription and administration of medicines, nurses need to be trained in how to handle adverse events.

Medication is the most common form of medical intervention used worldwide. Using them safely and appropriately, they significantly improve the health and well-being of patients. However, despite the best intentions of healthcare providers and the development of healthcare systems, medicines can cause patient safety interruptions

Patient safety at the time of hospitalization is one of their rights and a priority for healthcare professionals. Errors during medical care interventions or hospitalization have turned researchers' attention over the past decade. It is estimated that in Member States between 8% and 12% of patients admitted to hospital suffer from adverse events during healthcare. Poor patient safety is both a serious public health problem and a heavy economic burden on limited healthcare resources. Much of unwanted events, both in the hospital sector and in primary care, are prevented by systemic factors that seem to account for most of them

Based on the aim of the research work, to find out the procedure of safe prescription and administration of oral medication in hospital and the hypothesis put forward, the research was carried out in one of hospitals. The quantitative method was used in the study, nurses from different sectors were surveyed.

The results show that the hypothesis put forward was partially confirmed. Administration of oral medications takes place partly in accordance with the principles of good practice and patient safety.

Conclusions: Physical rehabilitation of young children with paralytic syndromes improves motor activity, and in some reduces chronic pain and improves emotional state. The authors speculate improving the emotional state of the child should be ensured by improving the emotional state of mothers with the help of psychological support.


Eva Cela has over 20 years’ experience in healthcare environment working with multidisciplinary teams to improve outcomes through effective communication, efficient systems, streamlines process and evidencebased practice. Highly motivated, result driven with consistent record for exceeding performance expectation for clinical, financial, and patient/ employee satisfaction metrics. Areas of expertise: Nursing Administration, Patient safety, Team leadership & motivation, Process Improvement, Staffing Strategies, Program development and implementation.

E-mail: [email protected]lv

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