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Reviewing scientific articles: A“not-so-easy” task

29th International Conference on Nursing Education and Research
December 05-06, 2019 | Dubai, UAE

Alirio Martinho Belchior

Diaverum UK Ltd, UK

Keynote : J Intensive Crit Care Nurs


As a reviewer of nursing scientific articles, I face on a day to day challenges with it. The work involving reviewing a single article is more than a lot to start with. The assurance that the submitted article is not a plagiarism and is relevant for the field, brings a huge amount of research and reading to do. Also, making sure that authors correct uses the references, and that there are no more accurate references is a huge task for a reviewer. A step by step guide for reviewers is important to make sure that scientific knowledge is produced and relevant for the field of study.


Alirio Martinho Belchior has Degree and Diploma in Nursing, had a post Graduate in Continued Care, a certificate in Practice Assessor and supervisor course, Degree in Advancing Renal Course Practice and Ph.D. in applied research in Preventive medicine, Public Health and Surgery from University of Santiago de Compostela. He also attended various seminar, conferences, training in Integrated quality management system and improvement of patient care and safety. He is presently working as the Clinic Manager of Diaverum UK ltd. Clacton Dialysis Unit and registered under the Care Quality Commission. He is the UK Brand Ambassador for EDTNA/ERCA, BRS council member and ANNUK member. He is also the current President and CEO of the World Nurse Association. Alirio does research in nursing science and nephrology. He is also a verified reviewer of the article being published in the Journal of Kidney Care. He has more than 14 years of experience in the field of Nursing. Alirio has held post as Clinic Manager of Fresenius Medical Care in UK and spend over a year doing education and training through Southeast Asia about dialysis, with a commitment to mentoring and encouraging junior members of staff and other allied professionals.He was the Chairman of the Board of a Humanitarian Association of Paramedics and Firefighters back in Portugal for more than 5 years.


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