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Nutrition and food science research: the pendent question of extension

Joint Event on 26th International Conference on Diabetes and Endocrinology & 16th International Conference on Nutrition and Health
Nov 22-23, 2018 | Paris, France

PN Kalla

SK Rajasthan Agriculture University, India

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The present Note would strive to answer the question that how the advances in Nutrition and Food Research would be ultimately silhouetted to address health issues of inhabitants of third world countries? It will review that: Food Science and Technology is a stirring multidisciplinary field that encompasses complete knowledge of the biological, physical and engineering sciences which are used to develop new-fangled food products, design advanced processing technologies, improve the quality of food, increase its nutritive value and safeguard the wholesomeness of food supply. Food scientists carry out various processes which include the development of new food products, choice of packaging materials, half -life and shelf life studies, sensory evaluation of products & microbiological testing. A gross mismatch is visible between the advances in Food and nutrition research and the rate of health parameter improvisations in inhabitants of third world countries. Base line surveys clearly speak of prevalence of child mortality, anaemia, distorted BMI, poor reproductive health and neglect of health in elderly persons, specially in third world countries. What is the problem? And what are the solutions? The Problem: Governments provide medication, but there is neither proper food nor awareness about nutrition. Even hygienic drinking water and sanitary toilettes are lacking, what to say of food and nutrition? The Solution: Surveys for Interventions, not only in terms of medical supplements but for improving food habits and enhancing awareness about nutrition would prove the maze runners. A proactive Extension program and identification of proper hotspots in health policy of third world countries would stop beating about the bush and would be able to harness the fruits of researches in Science and Technology of Food and Nutrition.



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