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Mobile health applications for Postnatal Care

29th International Conference on Nursing Education and Research
December 05-06, 2019 | Dubai, UAE

Ali Idri

Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : J Intensive Crit Care Nurs


Providing a continuum of care from antenatal, childbirth and postnatal period results in reduced maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality. Timely, high quality postnatal care is crucial for maximizing maternal and newborn health. In this vein, the use of postnatal care mobile applications (apps) constitutes a promising strategy. The objective of the present study is to scrutinize the functionalities and features included in postnatal care apps available in Android and iOS app repositories. A Systematic Literature Review (SLR) protocol was adopted to perform the selection, data extraction and functional evaluation of the available postnatal apps on iOS and Android platforms. The analysis of the functionalities and technical features of the apps selected was performed according to a 37-item assessment questionnaire developed on the basis of the scientific literature of postnatal care and a preliminary analysis of available postnatal apps. Forty-eight postnatal apps were retrieved from app repositories of the iOS and Android platforms. Results of the functional content analysis show that postnatal apps achieved low scores owing to the complexity and ramification of postnatal care. Conclusion. The present study helps in identifying areas related to the postnatal care that require further endeavors to be properly addressed. It also provides directions for developers to leverage the advancement and innovation on mobile technology to build complete apps with increased specificity for postnatal care.


Ali Idri is a Full Professor at the Computer Science and Systems Analysis School (ENSIAS, University Mohammed V, Rabat, Morocco). He received his Master and Doctorate of 3rd Cycle in Computer Science from the University of Mohamed V in 1994 and 1997 respectively. He received his Ph.D. in Cognitive and Computer Sciences from the University of Quebec at Montreal in 2003. He is the head of the Software Project Management Research Team since 2010 and the Chair of the department Web and Mobile Engineering for the period 2014-2020. He was the principal investigator of several leading national and international projects including PEER and Erasmus projects. He was ranked at the 3rd position of the Top-Ten researchers in the field of software effort estimation according to the study "Research Patterns and Trends in Software Effort Estimation" published in the journal Information and Software Technology (Information and Software Technology 91 (2017) 1–21). He was recently ranked 2nd of the Top-Ten researchers in doing Systematic Mapping Studies in Software Engineering according to the study “Landscaping systematic mapping studies in software engineering: A tertiary study” published in the journal of Systems and Software 149 (2019) 396–436. He is an Associate Editor of BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, JCR 2016, IF = 1.643. He is an Expert Evaluator of the CNRST which consists of evaluating the research projects handled by this organism. He is very active in the fields of software engineering, machine learning and medical informatics and has published more that 180 papers in well recognized journals and conferences such as Information and Software Technology, Journal of Software and Systems, International Journal of Medical Informatics, Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine and Journal of Applied Soft Computing.


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