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Impact of a Health promotion course on knowledge and attitudes toward Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases among undergraduate students

29th International Conference on Nursing Education and Research
December 05-06, 2019 | Dubai, UAE

Maysa H Almomani

Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : J Intensive Crit Care Nurs


Background: The incidence and prevalence of chronic noncommunicable diseases (CNCDs) are increasing globally. Health promotion (HP) strategies are essential to enhance individuals’ responsibility for their own health. Education is crucial for enhancing knowledge and attitudes regarding the health-promoting lifestyle and preventing CNCDs.

Aims: This study evaluates the effect of a HP course on improving knowledge and attitudes towards CNCDs among undergraduate students in Jordan.

Methods: A one-group pretest-posttest quasi-experimental study was conducted. A convenience sample of 178 of nonhealth major undergraduate students was enrolled in a 3-credit HP course during the summer of 2016. A computerbased questionnaire was used to evaluate students’ knowledge and attitudes towards CNCDs such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer, before and after the course.

Results: There was a significant improvement in the overall knowledge (p=0.000) and attitudes (p=0.000) in both male and female participants towards CNCDs after the course. The increase in posttest scores was higher among males. The overall knowledge and attitudes scores were significantly higher among females in the pretest but the differences in their overall scores became not significant in the posttest.

Conclusion: Health education on specific CNCDs is effective in improving university students’ knowledge and attitudes about healthy behaviors, thereby preventing CNCDs. It is important to incorporate HP education regarding CNCDs into university curricula using innovative approaches to enhance healthy behaviors in young adults.


Maysa H Almomani is presently working as a faculty member and worked as a Chairperson of Adult Health Nursing Department from Sep 2012- Sep 2014. She was a Full-time Lecturer and Clinical Director form 2000- 2006. She started her career as a Clinical Instructor in Jordon University of Science and Technology. She has an excellent background technically and presented many research papers in this particular field.

E-mail: [email protected]

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