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Effect of heat treatment on protein profile of Whey Protein Beverages (WPB)

Joint Event on 3rd World Congress on Cardiology & 16th International Conference on Nutrition and Fitness
October 29-30, 2018 | London, UK

Anibal Jose Barrios Quant

Universidad del Atlantico, Colombia

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There is interest in the production of heat-stable and clear beverages containing high levels of whey proteins. A challenge of incorporating whey proteins into sports beverages is done by hot-fill treatment (88 °C for 2 min). The objective of this research was studying the effects of whey proteins profile changes on a whey protein beverage (WPB) under thermal treatment. WPB were prepared by mixing 5% whey protein with 0.04% potassium sorbate, and 0.5M H3PO4 was used to adjust pH to 3.0 and 7.0. The protein particle size and zeta-potential were tested using a spectrophotometer. Lastly, the protein profile of beverages containing whey was determined by SDS-PAGE. Hot-fill treatment had a negative impact on the physiochemical properties of whey proteins. The formation of protein-protein complexes produced an increase in particle size and absolute zeta potential in WPB formulations at both pH 3.0 and 7.0.



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