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Consumer’s Satisfaction with Integrated Management of Neonatal and Child Health (IMNCH) Services in Model Primary Health Care Centers in Najaf District, Iraq

Joint Event on 2nd European Nursing Congress & International Conference on Clinical Nursing & Practice
October 24-25, 2019 | Zurich, Switzerland

Abdulkareem Abdullah Al Radhi, Najah R Hadi, Ahmed S Noory, Ali k Hoesh, Sara H Naeem, Qamar T Hamed,Aseel SAbbas and Eman R Mahdi

University of Kufa, Iraq

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Introduction: The integrate program of maternal and child health is promoting, preventing, therapeutic and rehabilitation facility or care for mother and child. In most countries, the maternal and child health program provided as integrated primary health care. Some primary health care centres were developed by ministry of health to be ideal and considered model centres to provide standard health care services which prepared to be family health adopted centres.

Objectives: To evaluate the IMNCH services in model primary health care centres in comparison with traditional non-model centres through consumers’ satisfaction in the provided health services.

Methods: A cross sectional survey of consumers to measure their satisfaction through March to September 2018. The study conducted in six PHC centres, three model and three non-model primary health care centre from districts of North and south Najaf city. The centres served a large population were selected to determine the quality of provided services.

Three sections of a well prepared questionnaire had been applied (the first about demographical characteristics of mother and child, the second about Implementation of IMNCH(integrated management of maternal, neonatal and child health services) standards by districts, and the third about Overall satisfaction with the IMNCH services provided by selected PHC centre). A convenient sample of 240 consumers was selected and directly interviewed for data collection using Likert scale approach.

Result: The implementation of standard PHC services showed no significant difference (P˃0.05) in principle structures of the selected model and non-model primary health care centres in Najaf district. All mothers were satisfied (100%) in growth monitoring and vaccination services provided to their children.

About 97% of attendants were unsure of their satisfaction with premarital examination and 65.4% found satisfied with diagnosis of pregnancy. High rate of satisfaction (82.5%) was reported in tetanus immunization provided to pregnant women. About 89 % of consumers were satisfied in antenatal services. weight, height measurement, and blood pressure measurement, while only 49.6% of clients were satisfied in breast examination services. Only 46 clients (19.2%) reported satisfaction with treatment of mild pre-eclampsia /eclampsia and early referral by the selected PHC centres. Twenty-six clients (10.8%) were satisfied with management of postpartum psychosis. Very low rate of satisfaction (2.1%) was verified in screening and treatment of sexually transmitted illnesses provided in all the selected PHC centres

Conclusion: The services of immunization and growth monitoring of children found more satisfied to consumers in addition to basic antenatal services and assisting normal deliveries, while other services need more improvement and reviewing principally, premarital services, basic emergency obstetric care if referral is not possible, management of postpartum psychosis and diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted illness.


Abdulkareem Abdullah Al Radhi is an assistant dean of College of Medicine, University of Kufa. He is also working as a Consultant and professor of Community Medicine department in University of Kufa, Iraq. He has completed his PhD in Community Medicine. He has more than 20 years of experience in General Medicine.

E-mail: [email protected]

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