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Breadfruit (buah sukun) as nutraceutical

Joint Event on 26th International Conference on Diabetes and Endocrinology & 16th International Conference on Nutrition and Health
Nov 22-23, 2018 | Paris, France

Mukesh S Sikarwar

AIMST University, Malaysia

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Breadfruit has potential for food and nutrition security and sustainable production in the tropics especially in Caribbean and Asian countries but it is under-utilized and commercial production is limited. It is rich source of nutrients and used as replacement for wheat and possess medicinal properties hence it has potential to be sold as nutraceutical. Over 130 phyto-compounds especially flavonoides and polypheols are identified in various parts of breadfruit plant. Nutritional compositions include protein, carbohydrate, fat, calcium, phosphorus, K, iron, niacin, thiamine and vitamin C. Keeping above information in consideration nutraceutical product of soft gel capsules for breadfruit powder extract can be prepared and characterize for its marker compounds and antioxidant potential. It can be used as main source of antioxidant and will have application in treatment of oxidative stress caused by diabetes, inflammation, cancer and many such diseases. It can also be replacement for wheat flour, Gluten free, GMO free without trans-fat.



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