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An open access publication – will publish high-quality, peer-reviewed articles addressing most aspects of short and long coding / non-coding RNA biology and application in biotechnology and therapy. The journal aims toward the worldwide dissemination of conceptual reviews and contemporary research findings related to RNA structure and function and genomics.

ISSN: 2591-7781

Current Issue

Volume 17, Issue 5

The antiviral natural activity of Camel Milk (CM, and its bioactive therapeutic components such as nano-immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, and glycoproteins, clues to Covid-19 therapies

Authors : Mohammed Jamil Al Habbal, Mekdad Rahmet Allah Al Juwarey,Taherah Mohammadabadi, Hayder Assim Mohammed Salih, Edith Fernandez Figueroa
The current pioneer project incited from the combination opinions, thought, research efforts and long experiences on the related fields by our team colleagues above. The presence of natural antimicrobial activities presents in the CM, which is almost
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Atomic resolution snapshot of eukaryotic 18s ribosomal RNA of Neglected Tropical Disease (NTDs) parasites as a therapeutic target.

Authors : Mwangi Harrison Ndungâ??u, Edward Kirwa Muge,Peter Waiganjo Wagacha, Albert Ndakala,Francis Jackim Mulaa
Most of the tropical neglected diseases casing agents are single celled eukaryotic parasites that affect millions of global populations physiologically, economically and sociologically. These diseases not only affect humans but also affect the animal
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Volume 17, Issue 4

Volume 17, Issue 3

Volume 18, Issue 2