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Abstract - Insights in Nutrition and Metabolism (2021) Volume 0, Issue 0

Which Are the Foods That Can Cause Hypertension Besides Salt According to Traditional Chinese Medicine

 Introduction: According to Western medicine literature regarding hypertension control, it is imperative control the consumption of salt. But dietary habits to reduce weight and the adequate ingestion of minerals such as potassium, magnesium and others has their role in control hypertension too. In traditional Chinese medicine, hypertension has many energies causes and depending on the cause that is producing hypertension, the patients’ needs to avoid some kinds of foods that could imbalance even more the energy disturbances that is generation hypertension. Purpose: to show that there are other foods that could induce hypertension in the body, besides the reduced ingestion of salt. Methods: one case report of a patient that is obese, has diabetes and hypertension too. The ingestion to reduced salt in the diet was not controlling his hypertension. Radiesthesia procedure was don and revealed that all his chakras’ energies centers were in the lowest level of energy, rated one out eight. It was orientating to avoid dairy products, raw food, cold water and sweets top avoid Spleen and pancreas meridian imbalanced. It was also orientating to avoid chocolate, eggs, fried foods, honey, coconut, alcoholic beverages, melted cheese to avoid the formation of Heat retention and the Liver disharmony and the last group of foods was coffee, soda and matte tea (to prevent Kidney energy deficiency). Also, it was prescribed homeopathies medications according to the theory Constitutional Homeopathy of the Five Elements based on traditional Chinese medicine. Results: Patients with hypertension have to control others kinds of foods despite reducing salt in the diet. Conclusion: Patients with hypertension could have energies imbalances and the treatment of these imbalances are very important to control in the root level and not just the symptoms.

Author(s): Huang Wei Ling

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