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Case Report - Journal of Agricultural Science and Botany (2017) Volume 1, Issue 1

Water resources management optimization and development of sustainable agriculture, case study: Pakdasht plain

Currently, water is very valuable, so should be used optimally. Planning for optimal use of water and soil resources will protect these resources and bring about increased production, growth in farm income, and enhancement of rural economic prosperity. This study was performed with the aim of improving management of water resources on Pakdasht Plain lands using a combination of typical and linear goal optimization techniques that in this study are used to examine optimal allocation of water and prioritization of cultivation patterns with respect to water consumption. In this study, the effects of limits on irrigation on the products of system cultivation patterns have also been evaluated, with results that indicate that Option 16, with a 0.33 profit on consumed water, produces the greatest financial efficiency, while Option 22 shows the lowest financial efficiency of 0.22. The findings suggest that the planning axis (water profit and productivity or sustainability in use of groundwater resources) plays a key role in the process of managing and allocating system water resources.

Author(s): Shiva Ourang

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