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Mini Review - Journal of Intensive and Critical Care Nursing (2021) Volume 4, Issue 6

Unexplored challenges medical mothers in COVID-19

This abstract attempts to explore the challenges of medical mothers during the COVID-19 pandemic and their ability to differentiate or separate professionalism from that of motherhood responsibilities. To understand the rationale, which governs the functionality of mothers facing such challenges, transcultural concepts in nursing care tries to address the presumption and value-role that mothers exhibit in care delivery. Besides, this concept also attempts to illustrate or facilitate the role of “recognizing individual differences or acculturation” which may potentially contribute to the decisionmaking processes of medical mothers. One of the primary challenges to be explored in this article is how do medical mothers differentiate and deal with unexpected challenges between their professions and leaving their babies while caring for ill COVID-19 patients? In other to understand such tremendous sacrifice and dedication, it is equally important to explore the fundamental value-based system catalyst with interwoven human passion in nursing. This defined characteristic paralleled with a mother’s natural multifunctional ability creates a well-balanced schedule that allows her to compartmentalize frontline work with uncompromised family value. One theory that supports the concept of such unexplored challenges among medical mothers and their ability to facilitate and calibrate a balance between work and personal responsibility may be reflective in the theory, “Patientcentered approach to Nursing”. This method discusses the process by which a medical mother need to administer quality care. These are profound concepts worth exploring.

Author(s): Bendu Dawola*

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